Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rowan and Martin

Another great fast paced sixties comedy variety show was Laugh In.
Hosted by comedy duo, Dan Rowan and Dick Martin. The show featured a large cast of regulars, as well as a ton of guests.
Some of the regulars were, Flip Wilson (what you see is what you get!)
Lily Tomlin (one ringy-dingy, two ring-dingies)
Henry Gibson
Arte Johnson (the dirty old man and the German soldier....very interesting)
Ruth Buzzi (the object of the dirty old man's affections)
Goldi Hawn (every young man's heart throb)
Chelsea Brown
Jo Anne Worley (life of the party.....not someone you want to take to a library) and
Judy Carne (the one I liked! But later in life sadley turned to Heroin)
The only thing bad I can say about the program was that it replaced The Man From UNCLE on Monday nights.

Sixties Beat! by Kel Studios


  1. What's sad about Laugh-In is that there's only those two "Best Of" DVD sets, and not complete season DVD sets available for us Laugh-In fans! I guess that's the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate for ya! (Look THAT up in your Funk & Wagnall's!) Was that a chicken joke?

  2. It replaced UNCLE and killed the Avengers over on ABC.
    This was the funniest show on tv at the time.

  3. I love this show. So hilarious.

  4. Kelly -- I see Jo Anne Worley at my Post Office from time to time. Very nice lady.

  5. Jon....man, I havn't heard that saying for years....it's still a funny saying!

    Drake...oh no....don't tell me it also replaced The Avengers!! That's blasphomy! LOL

    Keith...you got 'er....why can't we have a few more of these style of shows on now? We all need a bit more of a simple laugh nowadays.

    Patrick...that would be so cool Patrick! She has a way of lighting up the screen when she came on tv. You should draw one of your fantastic cartoon caricatures of her and ask if she would sign it...great keepsake!

  6. Kelly: For those not there it is hard to explain how completely cool this show was in it's day. It was just so damn hip. I loved it, and watched it every week. I had such a crush on Judy Carne! Man, could she dance!

    I used to want to be Dan Rowan - so cool and tanned, always smoking a cigarette, chuckling about beautiful, downtown Burbank in that way - like it was some supercool inside joke.

    So hard to believe they are both gone now. How time flies. -- Mykal

  7. Mycal....You are so right man! I too liked Judy Carne over Goldie Hawn. Too bad she landed up the way she did later in life.