Monday, November 15, 2010

Book 'Em Danno!

Sorry for such a late post. This probably isn't news now, but James MacArthur died on Oct. 28th this year.

You'll best remember him from Hawaii Five-O, his start though was with Disney movies like Kidnapped and Swiss Family Robinson.

James was an adopted child to two well established entertainment icons, Helen Hayes and Charles MacArthur. I didn't know that he was a awesome flamenco guitarist. He'll best be known for being the recipient of the phrase "Book 'Em Danno!"

Sixties Beat! by Kel Studios


  1. Sad loss, he liked the new version of Hawaii Five-O and they were trying to get him on the show for a part or cameo but i guess he was too ill to travel.

  2. I havn't seen the new version yet Drake.....I just can't bring myself to see a classic redone! lol