Sunday, August 23, 2015

Yvonne Craig

We've lost another sixties star....Yvonne Craig, aka....Batgirl! I remember how gorgeous she was in the sixties Batman show, partly due to her beautiful figure and the way she moved partly because of her ballet experience.

Born in 1937, she recently died of breast cancer that had spread to her liver. Besides playing in Batman, Yvonne acted in shows you may recognise like, The Big Valley, Kojak, It Takes A Thief, Man From UNCLE, The Big Valley, McHales Navy.....and many, many more!

After her career came to a close, she became a real estate Broker.....we'll miss you Batgirl!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Omar Sharif

In my humble opinion, the epitome of the dashing leading man in the movies has to be Omar Sharif who died of a heart attack recently. Mr. Sharif was born in Egypt in 1932 and left us in 2015. You may remember him in many movies including Funny Girl and Lawrence of Arabia, but he was lead actor in one of my all time favorite movies ever...Dr. Zhivago.

Only married briefly once, Mr Sharif became a life long bachelor having had a brief affair with Barbra Streisand.

Besides being one of the 50 top bridge players in the world, Omar spoke Arabic, Italian, English, Greek, French and's no wonder this man had no time to get re-married.... :)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Donna Douglas

Wev'e lost another actress from the sixties again! Donna Douglas from the wonderful 60's sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies. Remember the days when sitcoms were actually funny!! Donna Douglas ( born Doris Smith ) played the "critter" loving Elly May Clampett. Douglas was 82 and died of pancreatic cancer. Miss Douglas ( divorced twice) actually had quite a good acting track record before the famous show, also starring beside Elvis Presley, but after The Beverly Hillbillies show ended, she received her real estate licence. With gospel and country music albums under her rope....belt.....she was also able to write children's books and even motivational speaking tours. We'll miss you Elly!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Phil Everly

The music world has lost yet another sixties music icon...Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers fame. Phil is the gentleman on the left of the screen...dead at 74. Who can't say they didn't like an Everly Brothers song, from country musicians to pop musicians, I think they all knew a great voice and a well written song when they heard it, even Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin fame) has recorded one of their songs. "Bye bye...Phil! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Robin Gibb

The world lost another great sixties musician...Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees! Robin was my favorite Bee Gee, as I seemed to like his hit songs the most.....he had that great "quivering" style of a kind. Rest in peace Robin...your music lives on!
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My favorite "Cat Woman" from the 60's Batman series of villains....Julie Newmar! Just my opinion...there's never been a better one since. Eartha Kitt did a fantastic job as well in the 60's series. The costume always looks black, but I've read that it's green. He favorite weapon...a whip ( cat-o-nine tails?) Catwoman and Batman always had this "love-hate" relationship going on the series and in the comic book.                                                                        Sixties Beat! by Kel Studios

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Joker

The Joker! Another of Batman's villain's. If you look closely, you can see Cesar Romero's mustache, as he refused to shave it for the show, thus the make-up artist just had to apply more. From the DC comic book, The Joker was created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger and Bob Kane......there are still questions which one actually came up with the character as it first appeared in 1940. The Joker was Batman's greatest enemy, the one in the comic book is quite disturbing actually. On the sixties show, I love his weaponry... Ring Buzzers, lapel flowers that have knock-out gas, exploding cigars, etc. ...Cesar Romero is The Joker I'll always remember.
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Villains of Batman and Robin

I'll start with one of Batman's least known villains...False Face. Though in the comic books, he was featured only one, but appeared in the 1966 Batman series. False Face was a master of disguise, voice and mannerisms. The character was played by Malachi Throne (now THAT'S a cool name!) But he never got credit...I viewed a show the other day with him in it and in the credits, instead of his name a question mark ? was used. was a cool villain, though not well the hat!
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Raiders Coach

It was so cool back in the sixties when different bands had their own "theme car"......such as The Monkee Mobile. I bought this model car online of The Raiders Coach....of Paul Revere and the Raiders. I don't think gas milage was too much of an issue back then!
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Davy Jones

The world said goodbye yesterday to Monkees singer, Davy Jones. Davey started out as an actor, then on to singer, then to, of all things.... a jockey! Dubbed as "The cute one" of The Monkees, Davy wasn't really the main singer, but shared the microphone with drummer Mickey Dolenz. You'll be missed Davy!
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Paul Revere and the Raiders

Paul Revere and the Raiders....ahhh, still one of the best bands around, and they're still performing! I remember seeing them in the sixties with lead singer Mark Lindsay. Above I met Paul Revere and have to say....the guy looks great for 73 years old, and this picture was taken just a week ago. Oh ya....just in case you're wondering, I'm the guy in the black coat, Paul is the other., lol

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Paul Revere

I had talked to Paul Revere (Paul Revere and the Raiders) and told him that I was drawing a cartoon-caricature of's what I came up with!
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Book 'Em Danno!

Sorry for such a late post. This probably isn't news now, but James MacArthur died on Oct. 28th this year.

You'll best remember him from Hawaii Five-O, his start though was with Disney movies like Kidnapped and Swiss Family Robinson.

James was an adopted child to two well established entertainment icons, Helen Hayes and Charles MacArthur. I didn't know that he was a awesome flamenco guitarist. He'll best be known for being the recipient of the phrase "Book 'Em Danno!"

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Edward C. Platt

What would the sixties sitcom "Get Smart" be without "The Chief?"
Edward C. Platt played The Chief, but before this role, he was on broadway, and was a bass-baritone singer, at a professional level, thus his great low voice, even studying music at Julliard.

After the series ended, he played smaller roles in mostly comedies. Sadly, he committed suicide at the age of 58 years old. I always think that every character on TV has to have another character playing opposite him or her to make it a successs, Edward C. Platt helped make agent 86's role (Maxwell Smart) a successful one.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Fred Flintstone!

Today is Fred Flintstone's 50th birthday! Happy Birthday Freddy! This was and still is my all time favorite cartoon show. I had the great pleasure to meet his creator....Bill Hanna. The Flintstones were fashioned after a sitcome called "The Honeymooners.Another great show....too bad today's show's didn't have the imagination the older ones had....
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Twist!

Ahhh...The Twist! A world wide dance craze that started in the early 60's. Most of us associate Chubby Checker with the version we all know, but it was first on the B-side of a Hank Ballard tune.

Hank Ballard was to appear on American Bandstand, but his version was to gritty, so Dick Clark had Chubby Checker smooth it out a bit....thus became the hit we all recognize.But an early version of the dance goes as far back to Africa.

It would be a "fun" way though to get rid of that "spare tire"..........

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Englebert Humperdink

I remember I had this record in the sixties.....great record! The thing about Englebert Humperdink that some bands today don't realize is that he's sold more records than any of your five most popular bands of today.

He's sold over 150 million records, 64 gold albums (and back then to receive a gold album you had to sell MANY more than you do now), and 24 platinum records.....not many other groups can rival those numbers.

Born Arnold Dorsey in India, his luck started to come about after Tom Jones manager suggested a name change....thus...Englebert Humperdink.

The guy has one of the best set of pipes on him in popular music, and in his 70's he still tours and records. You gotta love an entertainer that keeps doing that, and it's not just for the money!

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I argue with my son all the time about the 60's decade women looking MUCH better than the leading ladies of today.....I still think I'm right, proof up above!
Jane Fonda made the sci-fi movie in 1968 titled "Barbarella." I've read she was sorry for listening to her then director husband Roger Vadim to make the movie as she had turned down the roles for "Rosemary's Baby" and Bonnie and Clyde." to do Barbarella. (I'm sure later on he slept on the couch for that one....)
As a side note, the eighties band "Durand Durand, got their name from a character in the movie, Dr. Durand-Durand. Not much of a movie, but the visuals are "interesting." LOL

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Doctor Zhivago

One of my all time favorite 60's movies....better yet, one of my favorite movies period. Taken from the book written by Boris Pasterak, and directed by David Lean (he also directed Bridge over the River Kwai, and Lawrence of Arabia).

A love triangle, but with some history included, the main cast members were Omar Sharif and Julie Christie. I had heard that some of the scenes were shot in Saskatchewan, Canada and Spain as well as Finland.

If you view it, get plenty of rest beforehand (or drink a Red Bull)'s a long one, but well worth it! Oh'll be humming the theme song "Lara's Theme" for a couple days afterward!

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